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What Makes Our Farm Yarn Unique


Finnsheep wool provides a perfect fiber for designing luxurious yarns for all types of fabrications. Finn wool is a semi fine wool, skin soft for most people.  A versatile yarn you truly must experience. Finn yarn can be used for scarves, sweaters, hats, mittens, blankets and most garments.

Finnsheep have a semi lustrous wool that takes up dye wonderfully.  Finnsheep wool is known to have a silky, sleek handle. With a good amount of crimp, Finn wool yarn provides the resilience needed for your garments to spring back to shape.  It is a good choice for textured work, for cables, lace, and for colorwork.

Finnsheep's long staple length gives its softer handle integrity that makes it more long lasting then the more superfine wools. Finnsheep wool is  longer in length than super fine wools, thus allowing the wool ends to stay tucked in the yarn better, providing more durability and longer wear.  So that garment that you spend hours making and investing your hard earned money, is the sustainable garment that you can wear for a long time without all of those pills and neps that make a garment look ratty after a short time.

Our Finnsheep flock consists of many different colors and within those colors of black, grey, brown, and white there are also many shades. The many colors are beautiful, just as nature intended.

The limited hand dyed yarns that we offer are naturally dyed. We mostly forage both wild growing plants on our sustainable farm and some additional plants such as indigo and madder that we grow in our organic gardens. We choose those plants that provide long lasting color and are slow to fade. You will find these plant dyed yarns enhance and mix beautifully with our natural sheep colored yarns. I will write more about our plant dyeing in an upcoming post.








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